Sometimes changing one thing changes everything.

Our story

We watched the same narrative play itself out for decades.

A better network solution here. A smarter data protection tool there. We were building solid, yet minor improvements. But what enterprise security needed was a major breakthrough.

Why was nothing changing?

Then it hit us - the very space we were trying to secure wasn’t even in our control. The browser was the problem. But what if we could turn it into the solution?

We asked 100 of the industry’s most powerful leaders

They said this was way bigger than we realized. Not just a security or productivity upgrade, but a whole new chapter for enterprise work. They wanted this to happen as much as we did.

The only question left was ‘could we build it'?

So we partnered with software’s elite investors. Surrounded ourselves with security’s most respected advisors. Built a dream team of R&D and enterprise security experts. And together, we’re honored and humbled to deliver the world’s first enterprise browser.

Let the new chapter begin.

Our Leaders

Mike Fey
Co-Founder & CEO
Dan Amiga
Co-Founder & CTO
Ellen Roeckl
Chief Communications Officer
Daniel Kandel
Jennifer Park
Chief People Officer
Eric Appel
Head of Sales
Bradon Rogers
Head of Presales, Customer Success and Product Marketing
Steve Tchejeyan
Matt Fairbanks
Chief Marketing Officer
Alon Biran
VP Product and Architecture

Our Investors

Gili Raanan
Founder & General Partner
Jeff Horing
Managing Director
Doug Leone
Global Managing Partner
Ken Fox
Global Managing Partner

Why ‘Island’?

Close your eyes and imagine the ideal workplace.

What do you see?

We see a place removed from all distractions.

Where work goes completely uninterrupted.

A professional sanctuary that’s safe, private, and free of unwanted visitors.

Where everything work needs to thrive is right there.

And everything else is out of the way.

For so long we’ve placed work behind tall walls and heavy gates...

But work doesn’t belong in a castle.

It belongs on an Island.

No friction.
No worries.

Just you and
your best work.


Our Team

Gal Kaplan

Director of Engineering
“Working side by side with some of the best in security, networking, OS internals, cloud and user experience has been and continues to be an inspiring journey and a masterclass in self-development”

Omer Shlifka

Engineering Manager
“I’m developing a product I genuinely want to use. And because of that, I really care about what I’m making. And I’m part of the actual design process too - an experience and a feeling I’ve never had before. And it’s simply amazing.”

Roy Rashti

Product Manager
“I spoke to Dan and Mike and understood the vision behind what they were building. How I would join a company that will be impacting entire industries. I was sold. This was an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up.”

Alon Biran

VP Product
“There’s something so special about using your own two hands. Building the thing yourself. I love that feeling of crafting a product that truly matters. Building entire features from scratch that entire industries will rely on for work.”

Omri Cohen

Director of Engineering
“What impresses me most is our focus on infrastructure and quality. From day one. We’re not skipping steps, or cutting corners. We’re building things right. “

Omer Biran

Engineering Manager
“We’re all given this level of independence, which allows us to move faster than ever. All I do is provide the infrastructure and simply watch where the team takes it.”

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