Privileged User Account Management

Protect and audit the most critical interactions
Eliminate human error and insider threats by adding a layer of visibility and control to any admin interaction. All without writing a single line of source code.

Privileged users are easy targets
from the inside and out

Giving privileged users administrator access within critical apps is a must. It’s how business flows. But admin access, by nature, exposes the organization to bad actors, insider threats, or accidental mistakes that can inflict irreparable damage. Yet, the effort it takes to protect these interactions today – integrating APIs, writing complex code, or working with vendors to make custom features – it’s just not feasible for most.

The Enterprise Browser makes protecting privileged user actions simple.
Add an approval step for sensitive application actions. Insert a layer of MFA during login or inside a critical workflow – all without touching a line of source code. Audit and log all browser activity within a critical app session, including high-fidelity screenshots and click tracking. Then share that data with your analytics platforms for the complete picture of all privileged user activity.

What happens when privileged access is fully managed inside the browser itself?

Watch how The Enterprise Browser ensures only authorized actions take place