SaaS and Internal Web Apps

SaaS and web apps, finally under your control
SaaS and web apps gave us unprecedented flexibility, but took away control over our own data. The Enterprise Browser gives you both.

SaaS took productivity to a whole new level. But one big thing was missing.

Corporate data used to live inside our four walls, under our direct control. Then SaaS happened. Suddenly data was accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device. But this incredible new reality meant we were no longer in control of our most sensitive data. And the attempts to fix this just made things more complicated without really restoring control. The system was brilliant, but it was unfinished in one very significant way.

The Enterprise Browser closes the loop.
Island completes the vision of SaaS by delivering a fast, fluid, dynamic web app experience, while providing the control, security and visibility over corporate data that was missing until now. With The Enterprise Browser, organizations govern access, stop data leakage, and see all behavior across all SaaS and web apps. No virtualization, gateways, or APIs necessary. It’s SaaS as it should be.

What happens when SaaS and web apps are now fundamentally under your control?

Watch Mike Fey discuss how Island ensures all data interactions inside SaaS & web apps remain fundamentally secure