A new era of safe browsing

Keep your users and data
naturally safe
The Enterprise Browser naturally protects organizations from the full scope of web threats, without distracting, delaying, or intruding on users.

Securing browser activity always meant loading up on network tools

While they’ve served organizations well, network solutions have weighed down security teams, slowed down work, and frustrated end users. But what if the browser didn’t need layers of network tools to stay safe? What if it had all the protection it needed, built right in?

The Enterprise Browser: intelligent security built into the browsing session
The Enterprise Browser makes it possible to enforce hyper-detailed security policies locally, so data stays inherently protected from the full range of threats. With a contextual understanding of its users, applications, and devices, it automatically blocks even the most convincing phishing attacks or spoofing attempts.

The secure-by-design browsing environment

Safe Browsing - Make Safe Browsing Standard Across The Enterprise