The BYOD Workforce

Finally enable unmanaged devices in the enterprise
Bring-your-own-device is a dream for end users, but a nightmare for security teams. The Enterprise Browser delivers the ideal work environment—full flexibility and total data protection.

BYOD was always a great idea… in theory.

In practice, the balance between flexibility and security hasn’t worked out. If you give the OK for unmanaged devices, corporate data is then out of your control. But when you force installing agents, virtual desktops, or monitoring tools on personal devices, the benefit of BYOD is gone.

The Enterprise Browser strikes the perfect balance.
Users just login to a browser and get to work, on any device, anywhere. Yet, all sensitive data stays where it belongs, since all security controls are built right into the browser. No end-user headache. No CISO panic. It’s the best of both worlds.

Make BYOD fully viable with The Enterprise Browser

Island keeps data only where it is supposed to be, while allowing users to work freely on any device they want