Enable your security teams to say ‘yes’

Help users work the way they want
Give your users the ability to use the tools, apps, and services they work with best, so they can innovate freely without opening the door to risk.

Too often the default answer from Security & IT teams is “no”

No, you can’t use personal email on your work computer. No, you can't use consumer productivity tools to track your work. No, you can’t use the latest AI assistants for work projects. “No” is the right answer when protecting sensitive data and apps is the singular goal. But “no” also stifles collaboration, creativity, and innovation. So how do Security & IT teams get to “yes”?

The Enterprise Browser Gives the Confidence to Say “Yes”
The Enterprise Browser unlocks the path to say “yes” to personal or new innovative apps without putting sensitive data at risk. By equipping the browser itself with intelligent controls, Island creates dynamic application boundaries that stop sensitive data from being entered into apps beyond the organization’s control, while giving employees the freedom to enjoy personal use of webmail, productivity tools, and anything else they need to do their best work.

How does the Enterprise Browser make saying “Yes” the norm?

Learn how the Enterprise Browser helps enable consumer or risky applications in a safe environment