Inside The Enterprise Browser

It's not just about tightening security or boosting productivity. It's a complete reimagining of what the browser can do for the enterprise.

  • Control

    Gain unimaginable control over all browser activity

  • Visibility

    See the complete picture of all browser behavior

  • Security

    Secure all data & assets naturally & simply

  • Productivity

    Make work smooth, fast, & distraction free

  • Experience

    Deliver the ideal browser experience users love


Control everything happening inside the browser

  • Set policies for how your apps and data are used so everything stays right where it belongs
  • Create intelligent boundaries across all users, devices, apps, networks, locations, & assets so protections like DLP are naturally enforced, everywhere
  • Close the loop between SaaS, users, & your sensitive data so working anywhere is finally viable

See all browser activity in fine detail

  • Log any and all browser behavior, review screenshots of critical actions, & trace incidents down to the click
  • Understand the context of each action so you know which should be logged and which can remain private
  • View all activity on customizable dashboards and integrate with your SIEM or analytics platforms for complete visibility

Security that's naturally built into the browser itself

  • Zero Trust by design: Link identity, device and application through the browser, making zero trust native to your work environment
  • Critical security tools embedded into the browser: like native browser isolation, automatic phishing protection, & web filtering
  • Island Private Access: Extend zero trust network access through the browser to safely connect private apps and networks

Work that's faster and smoother than ever before

  • Custom Browser Automations: Tailor any web app to your workflows without touching a line of source code
  • Powerful productivity features like smart clipboard manager, screen capture, and personalized home screen shortcuts make work smooth and simple
  • Single Sign-on: Users sign in once & access all the apps & resources they need

The ideal end-user experience at work

  • One browser for all: Install Island on any device or OS — desktop, mobile, managed or unmanaged
  • Built on Chromium: Everything behaves like you'd expect — same speed, rendering, extensions, etc. etc.
  • Stay fully transparent: Keep users informed at all times of which policies are active via status indicators and notifications

But is it enterprise-ready?

Built on Chromium, the standard for web

Work confidently, knowing Island is 100% compatible with today's modern web.

Centralized management

Configure everything from the Island management console. No IT Help Desk calls required.

Self-patching so you're always secure

Island applies security patches automatically, so there's nothing to manage or update.

IE mode keeps legacy apps alive

Island seamlessly launches legacy apps in IE rendering mode. No separate browser needed.