The Ideal Alternative to VDI and DaaS

The Enterprise Browser: The Secure Desktop of the Future
What if instead of sending traffic to the moon and back with every click, all you needed to work safely was built into your browser?

VDI and DaaS got us here
‍But they won’t take us there.

In the new, work-from-anywhere-on-anything reality, VDI and DaaS solved many of the challenges enterprises suddenly faced. Yet, they also created new ones - like painfully complex management, huge licensing costs, and a laggy user experience. These tradeoffs were justified, but they revealed that a smarter, simpler alternative was badly needed.

That alternative is The Enterprise Browser.

Imagine all the core security needs of your organization - control, visibility, governance - built into the browser itself. Imagine keeping your sensitive data fundamentally secure across all devices, anywhere. No backhauling traffic. No servers to maintain. No frustrated end users. At a fraction of the cost. This is the Enterprise Browser.

The future of work isn’t virtualized. It’s secure by design.

Remove the massive cost and maintenance needs of using VDI for secure remote access to critical apps, and replace an unpleasant work experience with the fluid and familiar one end users expect.
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