How to keep contractors productive while keeping your data secure

Solving the contractor challenge: Maximum flexibility, minimum risk
Full granular control and visibility for you. Complete security for your data. Simple, native access for contractors. All with the Enterprise Browser.

Contractors have become the Swiss Army knives of organizations everywhere.

They make it quick and easy to spin up IT support desks, logistics teams, even entire customer support centers. But as soon as we try giving them secure access to the sensitive apps and data they need, we’re stuck shipping devices, provisioning virtual desktops, and managing servers. And all that speed and flexibility fades away.

The Enterprise Browser changes all that.
Contractors simply install a browser on any device, authenticate, and get instant access to the apps and resources they need (and nothing else). Granular controls keep sensitive data from leaking, and all work activity is logged and shared with your analytics tools for easy auditing. No imaging, no virtualization, no backhauling traffic. Just the quick, convenient, and secure contractor experience we hoped for all along.

What happens when everything contractors need to work safely and productively is inside the browser itself?

Watch how The Enterprise Browser makes engaging with contractors simple and safe