WWLW Ep. 17: The Case of Securing Unmanaged Devices

Adrian Cunningham

WWLW Ep. 17: The Case of Securing Unmanaged Devices

What we know  

Adrian is working with a company who’s working on an innovative approach to transportation. This company is focused heavily on research and development, with extremely valuable intellectual property (IP) that they need to secure.

What we learned

Like many organizations, this company has a mix of full-time employees and contract workers. As such, they can’t always count on having full device management in place for all their worker’s devices. When they found Island, the ability to deploy the Enterprise Browser on any device — managed or unmanaged — and establish controls around their data, it was a perfect fit for their needs. Leveraging Island’s dynamic device posture assessment, this company built policies that treat managed devices differently than unmanaged. For example, if a user on an unmanaged device launches the Slack app, they’re gracefully redirected to the Slack interface within the Enterprise Browser. On a managed device, they can use the standalone Slack app.

What happened next

While working with Adrian and building policies, this company identified a handful of internal applications that aren’t exposed to the Internet. When they learned about Island Private Access, they were delighted to discover how fast and easy it was to configure and enable remote access without a traditional VPN client. A project that they assumed would take hours was completed in minutes.