WWLW Ep. 18: The Case of the Graceful M&A Onboarding

Brian Borthwell

WWLW Ep. 18: The Case of the Graceful M&A Onboarding

What we know  

Brian is working with a customer who recently acquired another company and working through the project of merging their systems and onboarding their staff. One of the big challenges with M&A activity is the scale of the onboarding process — unlike regular employee hiring that is gradual over time, they need to simultaneously onboard thousands of employees all at the same time.

What we learned

This organization considered a few different approaches: shipping out new laptops or deploying a VPN client to quickly grant access to their internal systems. Brian was already engaged on a project with a different group to explore using the Enterprise Browser. When they learned about Island Private Access, the integrated ZTNA solution for private network access, they realized this was the perfect solution for solving the M&A onboarding challenge.

What happened next

The configuration of the Enterprise Browser with Island Private Access was quick and easy, and when they deployed Island to the staff at the acquired company, they loved it. Compared to alternatives like VPN or VDI, the Enterprise Browser is fast, intuitive, and easy to use. Employees got immediate access to all the applications and resources they needed to be productive, on day one. The CISO of the acquiring company was pleased with the visibility and device posture controls that Island offers — without requiring any additional agents like MDM or EPP on the device. This M&A onboarding project was a complete success, and accelerated the adoption of the Enterprise Browser across the whole company.