WWLW Ep. 19: The Case of the Claims Adjusters

Derek Carver

WWLW Ep. 19: The Case of the Claims Adjusters

What we know  

Derek is working with an insurance company based in the U.S. with a large staff who work remotely and travel on-site to document and evaluate their customer insurance claims. The onboarding process for these remote staff was starting to cause friction and unwanted delays. Their previous model was to ship a full computer workstation to the employee’s home and then walk through the setup process over the phone. With a varying degree of technical savviness, it resulted in hours of help desk agent time and frustration for the employee — not to mention a significant upfront cost for the hardware and shipping.

What we learned

Derek worked with this customer to design a model where employees could use their existing computer and install the Enterprise Browser to access all the applications and resources they need. Compared to the task of setting up a full workstation, the process of installing Island is a snap. The demand on their help desk dropped significantly, and the hardware and shipping costs went to zero. Another benefit to using Island is the integrated Island Private Access solution that replaces their legacy VPN solution. Now their employees get fast access to every web application they need, with Island securely routing traffic for internal apps and sending public Internet traffic directly through their home broadband connection. VPN congestion was a problem during busy times of the year, and Island completely eliminates that bottleneck.

What happened next

Another big improvement for the claims adjusters who travel on-site to their customer’s location is the Island Mobile app. Previously, adjusters would visit the site, take photos and notes, then return to their home office to input all the information. With Island Mobile, they can access their claims applications directly from a smartphone or tablet over a cellular network. This reduces the time between to begin the claims process and eliminates the extra step for adjusters. With Island, this insurance company is streamlining their entire claims adjustment process and delighting their employees with a fast, efficient workflow.