WWLW Ep. 3: The case of the poor content moderation experience

Tad Johnson

WWLW Ep. 3: The case of the poor content moderation experience

What we know

Brian Borthwell is working with a company that offers customer support services for some of the world’s largest brands. This company has employees all over the world who fulfill critical roles like content moderation on forums, social media engagement, and customer support. This type of work requires interacting with sensitive customer and company data, so information security is critical to their business. 

What we learned 

One of the unique challenges they wanted to solve was replacing a legacy virtualized desktop platform. They used a non-persistent VDI so employees could log-in during their shift, complete their daily task list, then clear all data after their shift. This was a clumsy experience for employees, who would need to spend the first few minutes of each shift logging in and configuring their workspace. It was especially painful for employees on a slower connection. 

What happened next 

Working with Brian, they implemented the Island Enterprise Browser as the secure workspace for employees. Daily work assignments are stored and accessed through Island Secure Storage and data is deleted after each shift. Making the change from VDI to Island was a big improvement for employee user experience and boosted productivity by eliminating virtualization friction. It also cleared the path to decommission the old VDI platform to reduce costs and simplify their IT operations. 

Tad Johnson
Product Marketing Manager

Tad Johnson is the product marketing manager at Island and joined in 2022. He previously led product marketing and product management groups at Jamf, building the leading Apple Enterprise Management platform.

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