The Enterprise Browser Explained

The enterprise finally has its own browser. One designed specifically with its security and IT needs in mind. But what exactly is The Enterprise Browser? Why does work need its own browser? And how does it change the way we think about securing and enabling work? Learn what’s behind enterprise work’s newest category from the people building it themselves - the executive leaders of Island, The Enterprise Browser.

The Island Origin Story

Where did this enterprise browser idea come from? What does it take to build it? And where is it taking enterprise work as an industry? Learn about the people, events, and ideas that led to the creation of Island, The Enterprise Browser.


Ep. 1 — Creating Island

Life before Island | Security by design | Becoming a venture backed company


Ep. 2 — Building Island

Building the right blueprint from the start | Exiting stealth with a product, customers, and happy users | Our unique product philosophy.


Ep. 3 — Assembling the ideal team

“The names came first” - hiring top tier talent early | Letting the product do the hiring | The people who wanted to really change things.


Ep. 4 — The Island customer-first culture

Proactive, not preventative support | The life-long support team | Adding more value today than yesterday


Ep. 5 — Why the name “Island”?

Where destination meets purpose | Work as it should be | Adapts to wherever the Enterprise Browser category takes us

The Enterprise Browser in Theory

Why does The Enterprise Browser need to exist? What’s the problem with our current solutions? And how does this new approach to security and IT represent the future of work?


Ep. 1 — Network security at a crossroads

Our network is growing darker | Where’s the right place to gain control? | The rise of 3rd party users and devices


Ep. 2 — The shift to a new kind of security architecture

The broken “break and inspect” model | The embrace of new technologies and practices


Ep. 3 — The 3 core principles of The Enterprise Browser

Secure the work environment | Enable the IT organization | Enhance the end user experience


Ep. 4 — Is this really changing everything?

Turning an adversarial environment into a collaborative one | Not replacing everything - simplifying it | The never-ending use cases


Ep. 5 — The future of work runs through the browser

How the browser became the center of work | The enterprise architecture shift | The browser as part of the enterprise infrastructure | Security finally enabling IT | IT in a box

The Enterprise Browser in Practice

What is it actually like to test drive, deploy, manage, and use The Enterprise Browser inside your organization? Is it as painful as other security solutions? What will my users go through? How about my end users? Here’s the complete teardown, from POC to company-wide deployment.


Ep. 1 — Test driving The Enterprise Browser

It’s not all or nothing - test at your own pace | Low risk, easy to consume | Installs as easily as… a browser


Ep. 2 — Deploying The Enterprise Browser

The 3 simple steps | Deploying in audit-only mode | The end user deployment experience


Ep. 3 — Deploying Island vs other security solutions

The POC that takes an hour, not a day | No end-user training required  | The low-risk, no-friction rollout


Ep. 4 — Rolling out a new policy

Building a policy | Getting the support you need

Customer Storytime

Who’s using The Enterprise Browser today? Why did they choose it? What are they using it for? Watch Mike and Brian share customer conversations and interactions that paint the picture of what Island is like for customers right now.


Ep. 1 — The Telemedicine company

Island as the preferred platform for securing the doctor-patient experience


Ep. 2 — Smaller financial services company

Proof of concept at the trade show booth | From POC to 100% deployment in weeks


Ep. 3 — Large financial services company

Used a custom automation to check that the right data was input in the right record


Ep. 4 — Nationwide Retailer

Enabling a seamless point of sale experience on tablets | Turning the tablet into a one-to-many device | “We don’t need to use a security device anymore”

The Evolution of the Browser at Work

The browser wasn’t always at the center of the workplace. How did we get here? What were the key factors in this transformation? And what changes when the browser you use at work is actually designed for work?


Ep. 1 — The Evolution of the Browser at Work

From personal interests to professional needs | Surrounding the browser with individual tools | An infrastructure that’s too easy to break


Ep. 2 — Why is now the right time for a browser built for the enterprise?

The standardization of the browser via Chromium | The need for universal compatibility | Searching for the ideal user experience


Ep. 3 — What value does The Enterprise Browser offer beyond security?

IT that end users want to use | Solving complex connectivity and compatibility challenges | Making end users lives’ easier and better | Injecting additional features into the browser experience


Ep. 4 — How does The Enterprise Browser help the CIO

The natural experience for work | Injecting end-user productivity enhancements into the browser itself | Making the workplace experience ubiquitous | Streamlining development for one common work environment across all platforms


Ep. 5 — How does The Enterprise Browser compare to common security solutions like network or gateway?

Asserting control where it makes the most sense - where work is happening | Placing controls as close to the point of origin as possible so they’re most effective | The browser as a core part of our infrastructure

Creating the Ideal End User Experience

At the heart of The Enterprise Browser is the smooth, familiar browser experience it delivers to users. But it goes beyond just being a browser. It enhances work, delivers unprecedented privacy, and more.


Ep. 1 — A security solution that actually enables productivity

Traditional security by nature gets in the way of work | Island is secure-by-design - built into the natural flow of work | Sign in once for the rest of the day | Bringing together security teams and end users


Ep. 2 — Setting a new standard for employee privacy

Island provides unprecedented monitoring flexibility | End user transparency - showing them whether or not they are being audited | Maintaining separation - Island can be enforced only for critical apps | Giving organizations the ability to decide where and when to monitor behavior

Improving on Traditional Security and IT

How does the Enterprise Browser compare to the technologies and solutions we’re used to today? What issues go away? What new capabilities are now possible?


Ep. 1 — How does Island improve on DLP technology?

The extension problem with Host DLPs | Island passes the right files to DLP and impose DLP verdicts natively in browser


Ep. 2 — How does Island enhance web proxy for safe browsing?

Inspecting URLs at pre and post encryption instead of breaking it | Still delivering the native browsing experience


Ep. 3 — How does Island enhance CASB?

The challenge of API integration - hindsite control | Island controls how data leaves the app even after CASB authorizes it


Ep. 4 — How does Island improve on VDI?

VDI is expensive, complicated, and unnatural | Island is a native browser experience | Simple to manage and deploy


Ep. 5 — How does Island improve upon Remote Browser Isolation?

RBI requires heavy CPU usage and intensive rendering, while diminishing the experience | Island takes the same concept, but natively within the browser, and across all apps and websites