Privileged User Accounts


There's a use case... Some call it "Privileged User," some call it "Watch The Watcher." It's this concept that we have so many management consoles, so many administrators that have to go into our systems, and in the process, they interact with key settings, they interact with important data of our customers and our companies.

What we can provide is a full audit and control of that process regardless of the system. We don't have to interact through an API or some expensive backend process. We can literally deliver that capability at the UI - and that capability can be everything from an approval process that didn't exist before, MFA to full audit and recording. It really doesn't matter - if it happens in the browser, we can give control , insight and visibility to it. And so in that the premium user, that gold user concept, we can give insight and control where we previously had trouble getting it.

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