Saas and Internal Web Apps


So one of my favorite use cases, we call critical SaaS and web applications. And what this really is about is creating a closed loop system with these incredible web applications that drive our business, whether they're packaged or internally built. Imagine a world where we can create that system, where our users can work, they can interact, they can deliver on their daily focus in a very direct and native relationship to that website, but our data is never at risk.

So that call center agent that we need to deal with our financial information is free to engage with us, but we have the trust that data stays between me and that system. That particular use case opens up so many opportunities, and companies that are forced to try to deliver on this today have to layer in so many tools, everything from DLP to virtual systems to backhauling traffic. And so the cost to do that is ridiculous, and most companies can't step up to the challenge. So I think that use case opens up a lot of opportunities to improve our security and privacy as a society.

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