The Enterprise Browser Explainer Video


Ever wonder which application enterprises use most? It’s not Office 365,, or Slack.

Actually, it’s the web browser. But the browser is not an enterprise application — it’s optimized for advertisers and consumers, not organizations and employees. In order to get the browser to behave like an enterprise app, we surround it with countless security tools, proxies, gateways, and more. It’s not the browsers fault, it just wasn’t designed for the enterprise.

What if it was?

Island, the Enterprise Browser, is the ideal enterprise workplace where work is fluid, frictionless, and fundamentally secure.

Imagine if, instead of the enterprise operating on the browser, the browser was integrated into the enterprise. You control exactly how it behaves, in every single scenario, down to the finest detail. You and your whole infrastructure see every single thing happening in the browser. You can even customize the browser to automatically protect the sensitive information specific to your company.

Now imagine it also looks, feels, and behaves like your users expect, since it’s built on Chromium. You can run it alongside, or instead of your current browser. Whatever works best for you.

That’s the Enterprise Browser.

It’s complete control over the last mile. Work will never be the same.

Now, SaaS and internal web apps can live anywhere without leaking your data everywhere.

Remote workers and contractors just login and get to work, without putting your data at risk.

Things like safe browsing, smart network routing, and zero trust all come standard.

With the Enterprise Browser, your whole security stack becomes smarter, simpler, and easier to manage. And the security teams behind it push business forward, without security itself getting in the way.

Welcome to work as it should be.

Sometimes, changing one thing changes everything.

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