Virtual Desktop Infrastructure


We saw in the pandemic that in order to break out of our walls at work, we invested often in methods to keep data where we knew it would be. To keep it corralled. One of the approaches that many companies went to was virtual desktops.

They would spin up a virtual environment that I would log into that would backhaul traffic to corporate or to a cloud, then go to the SaaS app I was trying to go to in the first place and probably have a couple security checks along the way. That was the best we had at the time.

But now with The Enterprise Browser, we can deliver all of those requirements: no infrastructure, no backhaul, and better visibility and control. Everywhere that we had to make that difficult, expensive decision to deliver that kind of archaic approach, we can now give a native SaaS experience with better security, with better compliance, with better privacy, and an infinitely better user experience.

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