Introducing Island GPT Assistant - How AI and The Enterprise Browser combine to make work impossibly simple

Dan Amiga

ChatGPT redefined what’s possible with AI. So we wondered: What if it was built into the browser to redefine our day-to-day work?

Introducing Island GPT Assistant

Since it was announced several weeks ago, ChatGPT has captured the imaginations of nearly everyone using the internet.

Island’s mission is to make work extremely efficient, completely secure and profoundly simple. Which got us thinking. What if ChatGPT was built into the browser to dramatically change things at work? It’s already shown its effectiveness when given one-off tasks. But what if it was readily available from within the browser itself – helping us out with our daily work?

Today, we’re raising the curtain on the industry’s first integration of ChatGPT into a browser, with Island GPT Assistant for the Island Enterprise Browser. The Island Enterprise Browser gives organizations  complete control, visibility, and governance over everything that happens in the browser, while users get the smooth, Chromium-based browsing experience they know and love.

Island GPT Assistant is the industry’s first integration of ChatGPT’s technology into a browser, and goes beyond simply placing generative AI inside the browser – it provides deep contextual awareness, so you receive prompts that are informed by your behavior and relevant to what you’re working on, as you work on it.

If you’re not familiar – ChatGPT is the generative AI chat assistant launched by OpenAI in November, 2022. Since then, it’s become a global cultural phenomenon for its advanced ability to actually “talk” to us humans, responding to our detailed queries with complex, thoughtful, human-like answers. It’s the latest in conversational intelligence technology, and in the short period since its debut, millions of people across all walks of life have experimented with it to draft term papers, write poetry, compose music, do research and lots more.

We designed The Enterprise Browser to dramatically simplify everything that goes into securing and enabling work. For organizations, this means unprecedented control, visibility, and governance over all work activity from within the browser itself. But what could it mean for end users? Making everyday tasks simpler using generative AI seemed like a perfect fit.  

We’re only starting to understand all the possibilities, but one thing is clear - workflows everywhere are about to get a lot simpler. How exactly? Let’s take a look.

The ultimate assistant

What might a work day look like with the Island GPT Assistant by your side?

Imagine getting a lengthy email from a colleague. It’s filled with specific info you need to relay to your manager in a clear and simple way.

But instead of searching the whole message for the important parts yourself, you right click, and ask Island GPT Assistant to summarize it for you. Then you ask for a bullet point list of the main points that you can easily send over to your boss.

See it in action here:

But it goes much further.

  • Software developers can ask Island GPT to check their newly written code for bugs, right on the page.
  • Salespeople can find the perfect title for their cold outreach email as they’re writing it.
  • Customer service agents can keep customers happy by quickly generating responses to their  questions.
  • Marketers can research their competitors as they prepare their upcoming campaign.
  • Product managers can find user-friendly names for products and features they’re building.

What’s ahead

And this is just the beginning. We’re developing some more advanced features that will redefine what’s possible with AI at work. In the future, Island GPT Assistant can learn your organization’s documentation, giving your internal teams, external contractors, partners and BPOs alike the ability to research and understand every aspect of the product or service they are working on. It can learn the ways your people work and make suggestions for more productive workflows. It might be the ultimate assistant helping to optimize your own work. And it can also be the ultimate onboarding tool - providing a hyper-personalized, comprehensive experience for every new employee or contractor.

And on the admin side of things, organizations will be able to control how their end users interact with Island GPT Assistant, choosing which groups have access, and fine-tuning the experience down to the department or use case.

To us, Island GPT Assistant is a testament to what’s possible when you reimagine the browser for the enterprise. It’s an environment that is not just fundamentally secure for organizations, but one that can continuously provide ways for users to work better, faster, and simpler.

And yes, this article was written with the help of The Island GPT Assistant :).

Author, Dan Amiga

Co-founder and CTO

Dan Amiga

Dan Amiga is the co-founder and CTO of Island, the world’s first Enterprise Browser. Before Island, Dan invented Web Isolation technology while serving as founder and CTO of Fireglass (acquired by Symantec in 2017), and headed software security for the Microsoft Technology Center in Tel Aviv. He is also a founding investor of Axis Security, Cycode, and Build.Security (acquired by Elastic). A veteran of Israel’s 8200 cyber intelligence unit where he developed advanced security technologies, Dan is also a frequent presenter at security conferences such as RSA and Blackhat, as well as an adjunct professor of advanced high scale cloud computing at the Reichman University (IDC).

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