The Best Enterprise Security Solution of the year is… a browser?

Ellen Roeckl

The Best Enterprise Security Solution of the year is… a browser?

So it’s official. The Enterprise Browser was named The Best Enterprise Security Solution by SC Magazine. 

And while this is certainly a time for us to take it all in, celebrate the win, and be proud of our accomplishment - this is more importantly a time to reflect on how we got here.

Think about it for a moment - the best enterprise security solution of 2022 is a browser.

A browser. 

Imagine telling your industry peers five years ago that, in 2022, a browser will be the most important security solution for the enterprise. Imagine saying that even nine months ago!

And yet, here we are.

In some ways, it’s pretty shocking, and yet, if you dig a bit deeper (like we did), this outcome seems kind of inevitable.

The world of work was slowly moving to the web. SaaS was gaining momentum fast. Companies started moving critical apps to the cloud. Then moving their entire organization to the cloud. Then companies were being born in the cloud.

And then COVID happened. Work was no longer just in an office, on the corporate network, using company devices. It was everywhere.

Suddenly the browser wasn’t just another work application. It was the center of our digital workspace. It became, quite literally, the most important application in the enterprise.

And yet, the browser, where pretty much all work took place, wasn’t even designed for work. No way to secure sensitive data. Now way to govern access. No way to control or even see what’s happening in there. 

Which forced organizations to do some pretty uncomfortable things just to work safely on a browser that was never meant for work.

Things like

  • Breaking the encryption meant to secure our data, in order to inspect traffic
  • Shipping pre-configured laptops to contractors, just to give them access to SaaS apps
  • Virtualizing your desktop just to use the browser that’s… already on your desktop
  • Adding proxies, gateways, and VPNs everywhere we try to get work done
  • Blocking personal email or messaging apps at work

All this led two industry veterans, Mike Fey and Dan Amiga, to arrive at a entirely new thought:

What if the browser was designed for the enterprise?

What if everything the enterprise needed to work safely was built into the browser, instead of on top of it?

And like that, The Enterprise Browser was born.

The ideal workplace, where everything the enterprise needs is built right in, and everything else is out of the way.

Organizations now control, see, and govern everything happening in the browser. While users get the smooth browsing experience they know and love. Everyone wins.

It was the answer to the high cost, huge complexity, and heavy resources that have gone into securing the enterprise until now.

And the answer to the frustrating, disappointing, and underwhelming end user experience of working with tools that seemed to just get in the way.

It’s everything the enterprise needs, and everything the user wants.

And it’s just.. a browser. 

And that explains why today, The Enterprise Browser is the Best Enterprise Security Solution of 2022.