WWLW Ep. 14: The Case of the Exposed Gift Card Codes

Paul Murgatroyd

WWLW Ep. 14: The Case of the Exposed Gift Card Codes

What we know  

Paul is working with a global eGift Card Retailer who’s faced with a unique challenge around their customer service reps. When assisting customers with purchasing or redeeming gift cards, the customer service team naturally has to handle personal & financial data, as well as gift card codes themselves. Those codes, which customers may share with customer service reps, can be redeemed by anyone, so it’s in their best interest to tightly control the visibility of these codes.

What we learned

All customer service interactions are done through a SaaS platform and handled by a distributed support team. The customer learned about Island and was intrigued by the ability to protect and conceal data like gift card codes when working in the Enterprise Browser. As this company grows their operations, they also need the flexibility to quickly expand the customer service team and onboard new staff. Island offers the ideal platform to provision new users and protect the sensitive data that they work with every day.

What happened next

While each code is unique, they follow a consistent pattern so it’s easy to identify when a code is included in a support request ticket. Paul helped this customer configure Island’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capability to detect and mask gift card codes — wherever they appear within the Enterprise Browser. Importantly, this capability is done entirely within the browser and does not require any changes to the underlying SaaS applications. They allow for certain users (like the escalations team) the option to un-mask codes when required. These events are logged and easily audited through the Island Management Console. The combination of effortless onboarding, automatic data protections, and dynamic policy controls made Island the ideal choice.