WWLW Ep. 16: The Case of the Safe Browsing Platform

Elad Leizerin

WWLW Ep. 16: The Case of the Safe Browsing Platform

What we know  

Elad is working with an insurance company who wants to ensure their employees have a safe browsing environment. All organizations have a desire to protect their users from the myriad of threats that are troublingly common on the web today. For an insurance company — managing financial transactions and sensitive customer records — it’s imperative.

What we learned

When this customer connected with Elad and learned about Island, the Enterprise Browser, they immediately saw a solution to this challenge. The Enterprise Browser is a unique approach to safe browsing, by embedding critical security features within a familiar web browsing experience. This allows for more advanced controls to secure cookies and govern the browser extensions layer for sensitive company applications. The Enterprise Browser also offers browser isolation to defeat threats that exploit modern web technologies like the just-in-time (JIT) compiler. To ensure that their security posture is always up-to-date, Island also offers an automatic patching system that keeps the Enterprise Browser updated without relying on any third-party management tools.

What happened next

With Island, this customer offers their employees a safe and secure browsing experience without any disruption to their workflows. Every aspect of the browsing experience — from web content to downloads to extensions — is governed and secured in accordance with company policy.