WWLW Ep. 2: The case of the mysterious call center activity

Tad Johnson

WWLW Ep. 2: The case of the mysterious call center activity

What we know

Jason Trunk is working with a FinTech Lending company who wants to improve their call center operations. They have several call centers around the world to serve customers on loan origination and servicing and they use Salesforce.com for all their customer service operations. In the business of financial lending, a simple human error could be very costly both for the company and their customers, so it’s critical to track exactly what each employee is doing to catch errors and audit their operations.

What we learned

Previously, this customer was using a combination of several tools to secure access and provide visibility. One of these tools was Salesforce Shield, an add-on module for Salesforce.com that offers granular logging but adds 30% to their subscription costs. They also required employees to login to Salesforce via a VPN, which degraded the user experience for some employees outside the U.S.

What happened next

Working with Jason, they configured the Island Enterprise Browser as the default browser for all call center employees. This gave them dramatically improved visibility to all activities through the browser, including Salesforce.com. They were also able to retire the VPN solution, as Island offered a secure and trusted platform to connect through. With this change, the day-to-day user experience for call center employees improved and the company got better visibility and a simpler technology stack.

Tad Johnson
Product Marketing Manager

Tad Johnson is the product marketing manager at Island and joined in 2022. He previously led product marketing and product management groups at Jamf, building the leading Apple Enterprise Management platform.

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