WWLW Ep. 20: The Case of Saying “Yes”

Dean Carey

WWLW Ep. 20: The Case of Saying “Yes”

What we know  

Dean is working with a large financial services company who found Island as the ideal solution for several of their data security and access controls. Along the way, they uncovered an opportunity to change the way they approach the use of personal apps like Gmail.

What we learned

As a financial company, their employees routinely handle sensitive customer and financial information and they operate under strict financial regulations. Previously, their policy around personal apps was simple: not allowed on company devices. This simplified data controls, but it created some frustrations for users who wanted to take a few minutes in their day to send a personal email. Users would need to switch between devices or wait until they left the office. With Island, they were able to take a new approach and say “yes” to users who desired the convenience of a quick personal email while at work.

What happened next

By implementing the Enterprise Browser, this company now has all the data controls and visibility they require to create a firm boundary around sensitive information and ensure that nothing leaks out the side door into a personal email thread. This new posture is very popular with their user community and it’s helped accelerate their rollout of Island. Now, users get both a valuable workplace for conducting all their work tasks and a safe, secure way to access personal apps. And importantly, they use the built-in Island privacy indicators to clearly show their users that personal information is not being tracked when they’re engaging with personal apps. The company can say “yes” while strengthening their security posture.