WWLW Ep. 21: The Case of Employee Privacy on Shared Devices

Matt Pour

WWLW Ep. 21: The Case of Employee Privacy on Shared Devices

What we know

Matt is working with a retail-based service provider with over a thousand locations who raised a concern around employee privacy. Their service technicians use shared computers as part of their workflow and accidental disclosure of personal & sensitive information is an issue. Complicating the matter, this organization is required to adhere to various state and federal privacy laws in each region they do business in.

What we learned

This organization’s Privacy Officer shared a concern with Matt that their employees were using shared computers to access their pay statements and tax documents and leaving them on the desktop where another employee could easily find them. Obviously this was not ideal. Fortunately, Matt was able to work with them to implement policies within the Island Enterprise Browser to proactively warn employees when they were accessing sensitive information on the shared computer and automatically delete the records once they were done.

What happened next

This customer experience is a perfect example of how Island, The Enterprise Browser, offers real value that goes beyond IT and Security. The Privacy Officer and their legal department were pleased to discover that Island could solve a challenging issue for their staff, and the employees at this organization benefit from Island’s ease of use while protecting their personal data from accidental disclosure.