How Hendrick Motorsports Governs the Last Mile with Island

Jess Cook

Hear how NASCAR Racing team, Hendrick Motorsports, uses the Island Enterprise Browser to enhance productivity, security, and data analytics, ensuring seamless and secure access for their diverse team.

How Hendrick Motorsports Governs the Last Mile with Island

How does a browser help a 14-time NASCAR Cup Series champion team gain an even greater edge over their competition?

On a recent episode of CXOTalk, Hendrick Motorsports Director of IT Matt Cochran shared how his team uses the Island Enterprise Browser to turbocharge their productivity, security, and data analytics — both in the office and on the track.

Matt explains that the last mile controls Island provides have been instrumental in boosting the agility, security, and efficiency required by this elite racing team, which depends on rapid and secure access to large volumes of real-time data.

Here are some highlights from his discussion with CXOTalk host, Michael Krigsman:

Streamlined user experience equals higher productivity

Hendrick Motorsports’ user base is vast and diverse – comprising upwards of 300 servers and 3,000 machines used by mechanical engineers, finance professionals, pilots, marketers, and beyond. 

With the Island Enterprise Browser, Hendrick Motorsports’ users are more productive out of the box – whether they are working from a racetrack or an airplane hangar, a company laptop or a BYO device. They enjoy the same seamless user experience, no matter the location.

Island has also boosted productivity by allowing Hendrick’s IT department to say "yes" more often when a user asks for access to a particular resource or application. Island allows Hendrick to securely provide their diverse user base with the tools and data they need, when they need it, without having to open additional ports on their firewall. 

Accessible data boosts collaboration 

To meet the needs of its wide range of departments, Hendrick Motorsports has had to custom-build a number of software systems. Integration of these systems to enable collaboration around the data they hold can be a challenge.

The Island Enterprise Browser has improved this collaboration among Hendrick’s various departments by simplifying access to these proprietary systems and data – requiring no additional user training and adding no extra administrative burden.

And in a high-stakes racing environment, this seamless access couldn’t be more important. From engineers to mechanics, Hendrick’s team members can now execute on the extensive and critical data they collect more efficiently than ever before.

Security can be strong and seamless

Lastly, the Island Enterprise Browser has helped to fortify Hendrick Motorsports’ cybersecurity posture – without diminishing the user experience. 

Island’s last-mile controls ensure that while end users have an experience consistent with other modern browsers, the IT department can exert granular control over what data users can view, present, copy, or print — which is especially crucial during races, given the close proximity of their competition.

In addition, Island has provided Hendrick Motorsports with zero-trust environment controls, phishing protection, watermarking for data leak prevention, and more, all within the browser. 

To learn all the ways the Island Enterprise Browser helps Hendrick Motorsports govern the last mile and win, don’t miss the full episode.

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