Our commitment to the environment

Jennifer Park

Our commitment to the environment

Island has been fortunate in so many respects, especially at this early stage of our life as a company. To us, that good fortune isn’t just a positive outcome of our past efforts, but a responsibility for the future. To take some of that success, and turn it outwards by improving the communities and the world around us. 

In that light, we’ve made certain commitments regarding our carbon footprint.

We’re still a small organization - so our impact at this stage may not be gigantic. But we feel every step in the right direction is an important one. It’s a way for us to use whatever resources we have to better the world around us - no matter how big or small.

Our first initiative is to commit to making our products carbon neutral. To do that, we are partnering with a carbon offset provider as well as contributing to key emission-reduction projects. 

And we’re happy to be able to say that, as of right now, we’ve already offset our carbon emissions for the year!

Here are the initiatives we are participating in to make these offsets possible:

  • Trash to Treasure -- By capturing the methane being released from its landfill, this project is supplying the island of Mauritius with clean, renewable energy instead of shipping in dirty coal.
  • Sea of Change -- This Blue Carbon project works to plant mangroves which save the shorelines and removes carbon while helping the locals thrive in Myanmar.

  • Grass is Greener -- This project protects the native grasslands of Montana. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has declared grasslands the most endangered ecosystem on the planet. 

But it goes further than our product itself. Island also offsets the heavy footprint coming from the hardware and compute-intensive products and services we displace such as desktop virtualization and traffic backhauling technologies. A difference that amounts to something quite significant. This is good for Island, good for businesses everywhere, and great for society as a whole. 

This small but significant step is exciting - but it’s just the starting point. From here, we’ll actively seek other ways we can make things better for the people and the world around us.

Jennifer Park
Chief People Officer

Jennifer Park recently joined Island as its first Chief People Officer (CPO). Park joins Island’s senior leadership team with over 20 years’ experience fostering rich, innovative and diverse work environments. Her appointment reflects Island’s commitment to creating a culture that fully empowers its employees and attracts top-level global talent. With a proven track record at leading companies like Google, American Express and, most recently, D2iQ, Park joins Island to architect an authentic company culture built on mutual trust, inclusion and shared purpose. As CPO, Park will also manage Island’s talent recruitment and development efforts.

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